Current projects

Donation module

Donate module “Doika”

A module for NGOs to receive donations in “a one click” via own website. The purpose is to make the fundraising easier.

Dig Lab’s blog

Digital Lab Blog Modernization

Upgrade of Dig Lab’s blog - the “IT in belarusian” platform. Idea is to improve visual and technical aspects of the blog.


Online slack client chat web app

Creation of an online chat, a web application for site, that allows visitors to communicate with community members via slack.

Falanster 2.0

Falanster 2.0

Improvement of site. Project goal is to integrate new services on site and to provide more transparency of falanster’s activities.



Online shop, created by geeks and for geeks. Goods and designs shared in accordance with the ideas of Creative Commons, free price and DIY.

Map of public

Civil space map

Interactive map of public spaces, organizations and initiatives. The goal is to make public communities searchable and activity of organizations more transparent.

How we work?

Every project, the Digital Laboratory works on, is deployed on a separate board. The introduction board for newcomers you can find on the #айціваланцёр trello board.

The Digital Lab team communicates through the slack app. We create own channel for a big task/topic. The chat is integrated with other web-services. Our central channel #dig_lab gathers all interested IT-volunteers.

The main Digital Lab account collects majority of IT-volunteers’ created open source code repos. Here you can also aware and discuss the list of current issues (beta) which are being filled instantly by civil initiatives

Github activity

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