What is the Initiative?

Initiative is a civil non-commercial organization, project or a group that functions for the sake of society.

Three main values:

  1. The initiative should be non-commercial, this means that its agency firstly is aimed for the improvement of a society.
  2. For us it is important to support those initiatives which have or aspire after creating an association and developing inner self-government.
  3. Initiative that needs support is opened both for potential members and for the Digital Laboratory Team.

How can we help?

  • To repair or create a web-site.
  • To make a design of a poster, banner, logotype, etc..
  • To write a mobile application.
  • To reinstall an operating system.
  • To translate a web-service or to make a lesson about a digital security.
  • And also we address a number of other problems!

History of organizations

League of Youth
Voluntary Service

Web-site of organization League of Youth Voluntary Service

Organisation’s team prepares programs for protecting traditions of student groups and growing of the volunteer movement among the youth of Belarus.

Club house
"Kryly nadzei"

Web-site of organization Kryly Nadzei

Platform for the rehabilitation of people with psycho-physical disabilities. Here participants practice social inclusion and mutual help.

Komnata 3/0/2

Web-site of organization Komnata 302

Place that connects several public organizations: NGO Fialta, Association of Belarusian students and Minsk Urban Platform.

When we receive your form we go through the next steps:

  • We call you and find out the required task in.
  • We start to search a volunteer or start to do the task by ourselves if sources from our team are free.
  • Look after the work progress of the task and help to clarify appearing misunderstandings with the volunteer.
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How are we working on?

  • Firstly, we create an association of IT-volunteers who agree to help with your task at the right moment.
  • Secondly, any initiative appealing to us we consider as a partner. In other words, we solve problems together during the interaction. It is necessary to remember that we are not a service or a firm for creating sites.
  • Finely, as a result of our help, a volunteer and an initiative are mutually transfer and receive knowledge in maintaining its digital infrastructure’s support in future, for example, an initiative can speak with IT-volunteers, formulate tasks for them.
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