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  1. On the site (including a blog) is installed “Google Analytics”. That means that the third side can collect information about you. For those who are not agreeing with this approach, please use the following plugins in your browsers (For example, Privacy Badger, Ublock and so on).
  2. The blog of the site places the cookies on your computer. So if you want to switch off it, use the settings of the browser.
  3. All the content of the site is placed under the license Creative Commons Attribution - Share Alike. We motivate both social initiatives and volunteers to create all the content and code under free and open licenses (Creative Common BY-SA 4.0, GNU GPL 3.0, etc.).
  4. We are not responsible for the work of a volunteer and its quality. However we are interested in good and effective implementation of initiative tasks. Therefore we will pay big attention to that.

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