Who is an IT-volunteer?

It’s a person who has the technical knowledge and appeal to it for the benefit of social initiatives.


The most necessary technologies

  • For volunteers-programmers: html, javascript, android, css, php, wordpress, ssh, git, drupal, framework, linux, apache, mysql, java, QA.
  • For designers: Adobe Photoshop, gimp, Adobe illustrator, CorelDraw, Inkscape, Adobe InDesign, Blender, Scribus.
  • For translators – it is the English, Belarusian and Russian languages.
  • For the security consultants - gpg, veracrypt, keepass, enigmail.

Particular and the most important skills for today are a needs analysis, a preparation of technical tasks for inventions of social initiatives and organizations.


What are the most often tasks?

  • To create or restore sites (front-end, back-end, dev-ops).
  • To draw the site header, logotype or poster.
  • To create a mobile application or to write an module or plugin

History of volunteers

Dmitri Buimistrov,
frontend developer

Photo of Dmitri Buimistrov

"Digital Lab is a place where you can get experience. Here people get skills that can be useful on the real projects.”

Anastasia Frost,

Photo of Anastasia Frost

“IT volunteering is a good opportunity to reveal yourself, find like-minded people and do something useful for those who don’t have all necessary resources."

Svetlana Kotikova,
business analyst

Photo of Svetlana Kotikova

"Success of the volunteer project depends on personal responsibility. Everyone should be ready to work and be included in the process."

How do we work with volunteers?

  • After a volunteer filled the application form
  • We connect with him/her and refine the experience.
  • After we find the appropriate task from the existing.
  • Connect the volunteer with a social initiative and help to establish contact.
  • Look after the work, according the results make a report and write a recommendation.
  • Working according the scheme described below…
hell circle

What a volunteer receive from the cooperation with an initiative?

  • New contacts with interesting people who make our society better.
  • Real and – the most important – useful projects for an IT-beginner to fill his or her resume (CV) with.
  • Social knowledge which a skilled programmer would improve, for example, when he or she gets to know what is the concerning of the social organization.
  • Raising authority and karma of the volunteer after well-done task inside the IT volunteers’ community.
  • Recommendation and gratitude, including the name of the volunteer on the finished product.

Who are you, mr. IT-volunteer?

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