Digital Lab

online market of IT volunteers' exchange,
where volunteers and social initiatives
can meet each other


You are a programmer

You are a web- or app- developer, a specialist in computer security, graphic designer, SEO-specialist or translator. If you want to share your time and experience with social initiatives you are a potential participant of volunteer movement.


You are an initiative

You are a leader of an initiative or a founder of a non-commercial project and your team lacks IT-knowledge for solving problems of your yard or town. In this case you are a potential consumer of volunteer services.


Meetup place — Digital Lab

Месца сустрэчы - Лічбавая майстэрня

The Digital Lab is a Falanster initiative. Its goal is to wake up the IT volunteer movement in Belarus. This is the place where:

  • Social initiatives can ask for some digital help.
  • IT volunteers can choose an interesting task for themselves, meet new people and get new experience.
  • The Digital Lab Team can consult you on your digital issues.

How does it work?

collect tasks
of initiatives and
look for volunteers
a contest
launch a platform
of IT volunteering

Why is it important?

It will increase social connections and knowledge exchange between specialists and social activists.

The importance of digital values and rights (like privacy, right for development, overcoming of digital discrimination with gaining of digital knowledge) will be widen through exchange of values and culture code among netizens, geeks, nerds and social pioneers.

It will lead to a sustainable development of our country. If you want to learn more look through the project page on Falanster site.